Laurel Museum, 2017 Exhibit

Complete pro bono branding and exhibition design for the Laurel Museum’s 2017 exhibition, “Laurel’s WWI: From Here to Over There.”

The exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War I, and allows visitors to learn little-known history about how the war impacted Laurel—life stories of the men and women from Laurel who served in the war, and how the establishment of Camp Laurel and Camp Meade impacted the town.

The project consisted of 32 exhibit panel designs of varying sizes.

Baltimore Sun coverage




Exhibit grand opening photos by Nicole Munchel / Baltimore Sun Media Group:ph-ll-laurel-museum-wwi-0209-20170206-pg-002ph-ll-laurel-museum-wwi-0209-20170206-pg-004ph-ll-laurel-museum-wwi-0209-20170206-pg-001ph-ll-laurel-museum-wwi-0209-20170206-pg-009ph-ll-laurel-museum-wwi-0209-20170206-pg-008
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