Laurel Historical Society

In 2012, I wrote a piece on my Lost Laurel blog, reminiscing about a haunting cold case from my home town that was approaching its 30th anniversary, and hypothesizing about what might have happened. Just talking to Prince George’s County Cold Case detectives intrigued them enough to pull the files and fast-track evidence for DNA testing, and incredibly, an arrest was actually made the following year.

I gave a presentation about the case on behalf of the Laurel Historical Society, and produced a documentary episode for Laurel TV. The graphics I designed also complemented those for the Laurel Museum exhibit, “Ripped from the Headlines: Laurel in the News,” which included a display on the Stefanie Watson case.

The story finally reached mainstream news, and an episode of On the Case with Paula Zahn will air in the summer of 2016, featuring interviews with Stefanie’s family, friends, cold case detectives, and myself.




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