Ghosts Don’t Exist

Indie filmmakers 19th & Wilson produced their first feature-length film, Ghosts Don’t Exist, which earned a DCIFF award for Best Picture and a DVD deal with Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.

I designed the original poster and branding for the film, featuring medical scans of a human skull—inherently a ghostly image, but also cryptically suggesting that perhaps “it’s all in your head.”



I created imagery for film loops at investor events, designed to evoke the spirit (no pun intended) of the project, while introducing the brand:

The website was designed to showcase the trailer and provide essential information about the film, but I had fun expanding it to include a few extras—like the Diary of a Ghost Hunter microsite, featuring the case files of the late John Warfield, a paranormal investigator who served as a consultant on the film.

I also designed the original graphics for the extremely successful tie-in app, Ghost Capture.


The brainchild of executive producer Aaron Goodmiller, the app utilizes your phone’s camera and photo album, allowing you to superimpose custom ghostly figures. The effect can be pretty astonishing—in March, 2010, British tabloids The Sun and the Daily Mail were duped into a feature story of a construction worker who had allegedly photographed the ghost of a young boy while demolishing a school. The offbeat story was even picked up by CNN, until the “ghost” was finally recognized as one of our own!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.34.57 PM

We were later contacted by producers of NBC’s Today show, and informed that Al Roker would be demonstrating the app (among other items) in a short Halloween-themed segment. They asked if there was any chance that I could incorporate an Al Roker “ghost” into the app for some added fun… so I gave him a few to play with.

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